World overlap

There have been much talk about the worlds overlapping. This world and the pokemon world. There are several things that point to this.

One thing is how much the regions in pokémon look like regions in Japan. The maps of the different pokémon regions from the games fit almost perfectly if you lay it over the map of Japan.

An other thing is that the Pokémon too look very much like animals in our world. Girafarig looks very much like a giraffe, and Wingull look like a seagull. This might mean the worlds are parallell.

It is said that the different worlds might bind to each other throug geographical similarities. Is a mountian in the pokeverse look like a mountain in our universe, it might be some kind of connection. This might cause pokémon to appear in our world. Our world looks very much like the pokemon world, so Pokémon might appear here pretty often.

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