Porygon is a Pokémon that are made by data. Some people think Porygon are trying to make contact with the humans in this world.

Porygon in anime

Some people said they could see a picture of Porygon is a scene in a Pokémon episode which are banned because it gave many children seizures. This episode was about Porygon, so there where many clear pictures of Porygon. But it is not these Porygons that people see some people say they can see Porygon other places in the pictures, where there are not supposed to be Porygons. Other claim that it is strange that a Porygin would use television and not computer to make contact.

Web map of Pokeclipse

An other thing that happened was when a person tried to get the map of links to Pokeclipse. When they first got it, their web browser crashed, and the next thime there was a slight difference that was hard to notice. From the new map, it was possible to draw something that looked very much like a Porygon by drawing between the largest spots. This was thought to mean something.

Other people claimed that you could make almost anything by conneting spots, so it meant nothing.

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