To catch pokémon is one of the challenges with pokémon. There are many difficulties:
1. How do you damage the pokémon without a pokémon?
2. How do you catch it?
3. How do you keep it?

The first problem can be solved by trying to catch a weak pokémon first, like a Caterpie. Then you can train it, to make it get stronger and stronger. Finally, you have a strong Butterfree that will make future catches a lot easier. The pokémon can be hurt by throwing rocks at them, like Ash tried in the first episode of the anime when Pikachu didn't want to help him.

The second problem: how to catch it. If the way we meet pokémon turns out to be in similar conditions to those in the games, it won't be very difficult. Just go to the shop and buy Pokéballs. But if the pokémon are discovered in this universe before pokéball technologies are developed, people need to find a different way to catch the pokémon. Some people have suggestes using bug nets. That might solve that problem, even better if you chose Caterpie.

The third problem is easily solved if pokéballs are made. But it will be difficult to carry pokémon around without a pokéball. One could do like Ash does with Pikachu, and keep it out of pokéballs. But then people would need to limit their catches to a few pokémon not to get too many to keep. This could be done uintill pokéball technologies are made.

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